Saturday, June 30, 2012

Being called retarded by my dad was just THE best part of my day. What the hell? Who does that? Attention all parents out there- DON'T TAKE YOUR ANGER OUT ON YOUR KID FOR EATING A BAGEL AT 10:30 PM! God. If I wanted to get yelled at I would get shit faced and piss on my lawn, but clearly since that didn't happen,  I did NOT want to get yelled at. Let's hope mommy dearest is feeling good enough tomorrow to take to the beach. If not...... someone (meaning me) is gonna be a little pissed.
I'm not selfish, just sick of some shit. Like my grandfather having cancer and my grandmother having Altzeihmers. And my dad's yelling at my mom......oh and now I have to go to the city with him
wish me luck

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