Friday, June 29, 2012

Finally the week is over, and it ended pretty well. 7 weeks left of hell....kiddy hell that is. Yup, summer camp with 3 year olds is just GREAT. lolnot. Unfortunately, the boys camp next door doesn't come with that many hot counselors, but they're alright. I hope saying that things are going okay isn't going to jinx it and make evertything go down....we'll just have to see. Relying on chance isn't something that one should do. You have to take your life into your own hands, and try to mold it the way you want. There is such thing as fate, I believe, but there's also the possibility that you can change it.
By the way, being myself is working out well as of now. Let's hope I keep this up. HERE COMES THE WEEKEND!! Let's also hope I don't sit on my ass the whole time. or fall on it. We shall see.
Until tomorrow....

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